Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Information System, a.k.a. “SIS,” is a general way of describing MyPack Portal, which also provides access to the university’s HR and Financials data. In other words, SIS is the electronic system that the University uses to make student information accessible for the students, faculty, staff and parents/guests.

SIS 9.2 provides modern navigation via homepages and tiles and allows the user to create a custom personal homepage with the most-used tiles. SIS 9.2 also makes the Student Homepage (formerly Student Self Service) accessible on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

The Student Information System (SIS) 9.2 upgrade is a joint collaboration between the division of Enrollment Management and Services (EMAS) and Enterprise Application Services (EAS) within the Office of Information Technology (OIT).
We will hold open attendance demonstrations of general navigation for those interested the week of September 18 (details to come). If you’d like to schedule a more specialized demonstration for your department, or if you have any questions about the scheduled demonstrations, please contact
All of them! The biggest difference between SIS 9.2 and the MyPack Portal you’ve been using is that the landing pages and navigation look different. The content and functionality of pages you’re used to visiting should not be different, and if you notice something that’s missing, contact us with the pages and specific functions you’re looking for.
Yes, your “Favorites” will be transitioned to SIS 9.2.  They’re accessible through the Navigation Bar (the compass icon in the top right corner) by selecting the My Favorites star icon.
Yes, all data will be transferred into SIS 9.2.
The SIS 9.2 update will occur during Fall Break in early October 2017. SIS will be unavailable from 12:00 p.m. noon on Friday, October 6 through 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 9. 
SIS 9.2 has the same functionality as our current version of MyPack Portal, so all of your currently available resources will be available on SIS 9.2. For instructions on accessing your resources using the new layout, please review the General Navigation page and the Faculty and Advisors guides.
Anyone who can currently log into MyPack Portal will use SIS 9.2. Students, parents/guests, staff, and faculty will all see the 9.2 layout when they log into MyPack Portal on October 9. University employees will recognize the familiar fluid tile layout from the new Employee Self Service homepage that was introduced in July 2017.
Students who graduated from NC State will retain their ability to login to MyPack.
EAS and EMAS have been developing the SIS 9.2 update since Spring 2017. Over the months from March until September, the update was designed, built, and tested internally, and after September it was available for more public testing. It will be available for testing and demonstrations during the month of September, and will be implemented in a University-wide system roll out over Fall Break in early October.
NC State students, faculty, staff, and other members will still access MyPack using your Unity ID and Unity Password from If you forget your Unity log-in information, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 919-515-HELP or
For instructions and a user-guide for common tasks organized by role within MyPack Portal, please review the resources available in the drop down menus on our top navigation or our home page. If you have additional questions or concerns, please Contact Us.