Advisee SAP Appeal Roster

The Advisee SAP Appeal Roster is a tool that allows advisors to view their list of advisees who are eligible to appeal for continuation of enrollment and Financial Aid eligibility. More information on the SAP appeal process from the student point of view is available on the Student Services Center website.

Navigate to the Advisee SAP Appeal Roster

MyPack Portal > Student Information System homepage > Advising tile > ‘Advisee SAP Appeal Roster’ menu item

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. Select the ‘Student Information System’ homepage
  3. Select the ‘Advising’ tile
  4. On the left hand navigation bar, select ‘Advisee SAP Appeal Roster’

Using the SAP Appeal Roster

On the Advisee SAP Appeal Roster, advisors will see a list of suspended advisees who are eligible to appeal for enrollment continuation or financial aid. Advisors have the option to provide feedback for the students from this page.

Advisors will be able to see whether a student is appealing for Financial Aid SAP or Academic SAP, if the student is a readmit, last term completed, Appeal Status, whether feedback is required, and if a plan needs approval.

If you wish to provide feedback for a particular student, select the yellow ‘Feedback/Plan Approval’ button to begin. Be sure to save each stage of the Feedback form.