Progress Reports

Course Progress Reports allow instructors to easily communicate quick feedback - especially areas of concern - to students enrolled in a given course. The tool is designed as a timely intervention to identify and contact students who are having academic challenges with the goal of providing successful subsequent interventions before students withdraw or get too far behind in their coursework.

By submitting a progress report, instructors not only provide students with feedback, but also refer them to campus resources. Using the system to provide feedback on several students at one time can be a time saving measure that capitalizes on the available support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Progress Report?

  • The progress report system in MyPack allows instructors to provide feedback to students enrolled in a given course. Through this system, instructors may quickly provide constructive feedback on course performance or attendance. Progress reports are visible to students and to student support staff. The primary goals of progress reports are to:
    • Notify students and advisors early in the semester that the student is potentially at risk of not being successful in a course;
    • Actively assist students in becoming academically successfully by connecting them to university resources; and
    • Demonstrate care, support, and encouragement to students.

Why are Progress Reports important?

  • Progress reports are important for several reasons:
    • Timely feedback on course performance makes a difference in student outcomes and can help engage students in the course.
    • They allow instructors to leverage the coordinated network of advising and support services. When instructors submit a course progress report that indicates concern for the student’s academic performance, the advisor is notified and expected to reach out to the student. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the academic resources available.
    • They allow instructors to provide helpful comments. Such comments are instructive to students and suggest recommended courses of action such as contacting the instructor to meet and discuss academic progress, using specific strategies to make improvement in class or following referrals to specific university resources.

Who has access to submit a Progress Report?

  • An instructor must be listed in MyPack as either an Instructor Record, Classroom Instructor or Instructional Support to submit a progress report. All requests to add an instructor to a class section should be submitted to the department and/or college scheduling officer.

When can instructors submit a Progress Report? 

  • The course progress report system is available to instructors from the first day of class through final exams. However, it is helpful to consider the timing of submitting feedback. 
  • Instructors are encouraged to submit progress reports to students prior to the drop deadline. Ideally, instructors would submit progress reports as soon as they have concern for a student (if the student stops attending class, earns a failing grade on the first large assignment, etc.).

What happens after an instructor submits a Progress Report? What information do students see when instructors submit a Progress Report?

  • The student will receive an email notification alerting them to a progress report in MyPack. 
    • Upon clicking on the link, students will see in MyPack any and all of the feedback entered by the instructor – including all Comments. Students who receive feedback indicating academic concern will receive encouragement to connect with their instructor, advisor, and/or campus resources.   
  • Progress Report will be logged in MyPack. 
    • Instructor feedback helps advisors and campus partners better support students. In addition to the email notice sent to each student, the progress report is logged in MyPack. Advisors will work with students individually to share resources and consider appropriate action steps. Campus Partners supporting student athletes and other unique populations may also reach out to students. 
  • Advisor Notification
    • When the instructor indicates concern for a student, the advisor will receive an email with the feedback. Advisors are asked to reach out to the student to check in and offer support.
  • When multiple instructors indicate concern for a student via course progress reports, DASA will coordinate specific outreach to the student to offer support and explore strategies for moving forward. 

Where can Advisors see progress reports?

  • Please consult this comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions and screenshots of both Advisor and Student access to view progress reports.

Does the Progress Report appear on a student’s transcript?

  • No, progress reports will not appear on official or unofficial transcripts. Your comments are part of the student’s record, however, so please keep this in mind when giving feedback.

Who can see a student’s Progress Report?

  • When instructors submit a progress report, the feedback and comments they enter becomes visible to Academic Advisors in MyPack. This information is very helpful to Advisors when meeting with students. Student support staff with access to student records in MyPack are also able to view the Progress Report. The CARES Team, for example, frequently consults this information when concern has been shared for a student.

When will Advisors be notified about a course progress report?

  • The progress report system alerts the advisor via email when an instructor indicates concerns about a student’s academic performance in a class.
  • The system will alert the advisor if one or more of the following items is selected: Poor Grades; Unsatisfactory Homework; Excessive Absences; Other Concern; a grade of D+ or lower is entered
  • The instructor also has the option to manually push email notifications to the Advisor.

What should Advisors do if they receive a Progress Report notification? 

  • When advisors receive an email notifying them of a progress report submission for a student, it means that the instructor is concerned about the student’s academic progress and performance in the course. As the advisor, you may already be in touch with the student and aware of the academic challenges they are experiencing. In such a case, please continue to support the student to connect to resources and make the best academic decisions for their situation.
  • If the information provided in the progress report is new to the Advisor, Advisors are encouraged to check-in with the student to offer assistance. Advisors could offer to meet with the student, and build a plan together that includes campus resources and academic strategies to achieve success in the course. Advisors should also make sure the student is in touch with the instructor.

What should Advisors do if they receive a Progress Report and are concerned about a student’s well-being?

  • Feedback from instructors may reinforce or shed light on behaviors you observe in a student. If this is an emergency that involves an imminent risk of harm to self or others, please contact campus police at 919-515-3000 or by dialing 911.
  • For information about behaviors and indicators to consider in your next steps, please consult the resources in Prevention Services. Prevention Services and the NC State CARES Team also prepared information for Faculty and Staff who assist students exhibiting concerning behavior.
  • After reviewing this information, you may decide to submit a CARES Referral. For assistance or consultation during business hours when considering how best to support a student addressing non-academic concerns, please contact Prevention Services at 919-515-4405.

What is the difference between a Progress Report and a CARES Referral?

  • Progress reports are intended to be used by instructors when they want to document feedback for the student based on academic behavior/course performance. We know, though, that students are whole people and bring non-academic challenges into the classroom.
  • If a student exhibits concerning non-academic behavior, we encourage instructors and advisors to consider submitting a CARES Referral. Prevention Services and our CARES Team prepared an overview for Faculty and Staff that outlines examples of  concerning behavior.

If Advisors have a question about a Progress Report, who do they contact?

  • If you have questions about the feedback shared within a course progress report, please contact the instructor who submitted the form.
  • If you have questions about how to view progress reports or the technology itself, please contact