Make a Payment

Parents/Guardians with access can use the 'Student Accounts' tile on the 'Student Homepage' to view 'What I Owe' and to 'Make a Payment.'

Navigate to Student Accounts and Make a Payment

MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Student Accounts > Make a Payment

  1. Log into MyPack Portal using the ‘NCSU Parents/Guests’ login (Parents who are also Students or Employees of the University will log into MyPack using the NCSU Faculty/Staff/Students option as normal.)
  2. Select the ‘Student Homepage’
  3. Select the ‘Parent/Guardian Information’ tile
  4. Select a student by clicking a checkbox, then return to the Student Homepage to view that student’s data
  5. Select the ‘Student Accounts’ tile
  6. Select ‘Make a Payment’ from the left-hand navigation menu
  7. Select a payment type by clicking a checkbox
  8. Click ‘Pay Now’

NOTE: Once you click ‘Pay Now’ you will be transferred to a secure payment site where you will be able to complete the payment process. Be sure your pop-up blockers are disabled.