Administrative Reports

Administrative Reports have been rebuilt and improved, allowing more flexibility in pulling reports and the ability to save and re-run reports.

Navigate to Administrative Reports

MyPack Portal > Student Information System homepage > Reporting Tools tile > Administrative Reports

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. Select the Student Information System’ homepage
  3. Select the ‘Reporting Tools’ tile¬†
  4. On the left-hand navigation bar, select ‘Administrative Reports’

Using Administrative Reports

Student Population

Enrollment Status: Select the enrollment status of the student population: All eligible, Eligible and enrolled, Eligible not enrolled

Term: Select the term for the reported information

Selection Criteria: Identify the student population for the reported information. Your selection can be as broad as the career/program level or down to the sub-plan level. Use the ‘plus’ button at the far right to add additional criteria (i.e. more than one plan) or use the ‘minus’ button to remove selection criteria from your report.

If selecting the plan type of Minor or Certificate, select ‘All’ for the program.

Organization Quick Pick: Select the Reporting Career, the Plan Type and Academic Organization. Select the Add to Selection Criteria and all plans owned by the selected Academic Organization will present as Selection Criteria.

Filter Criteria

Report Filters: Allow a report to return a sub-population of the selection criteria based on a selection of fields and conditions.

Select Directory and Personal Data fields

Data fields selected from these two lists will return on the report.

Manage My Reports

Once a report has been built, it can be saved to run in the future. Add a Name in the Current Report Name field and select ‘save.’ To load a saved report, select the radio button next to the report and select ‘load.’

Running a Report

Select ‘GO’ at the bottom of the page to run a report. To download the report, select the ‘download to Excel’ icon at the top of the report:

Select the ‘Selection Criteria’ tab at the top of the page to move back to that content from the report results.

Student Notifications

To send an email notification to the students on the report, select the ‘Send Notifications’ button at the bottom of the report. All students on the report will be blind copied on the email you develop. The ‘from’ address will be your email address and one attachment can be included in the email.