Moves, Waivers, and Custom Requirements

Due to federal and state financial aid regulations restricting funding for courses that do not count toward a degree, developments were implemented to the Degree Audit for undergraduate and AGI students that will allow students and advisors to better plan their path toward graduation and see how current and future courses will apply to their degree. 

The following functions are available in MyPack Portal:

  1. Advisors are able to request a move or waiver directly from the student’s Degree Audit
  2. Advisors are able to request a custom list of courses that can fulfill program requirements, such as advised electives
  3. Individuals who have move/waive access are able to approve or deny requests from a work center (similar to grade changes)

See the links below for detailed training instruction on these functions in the Degree Audit.

Non-Degree Enrolled Courses Query

A query is available in MyPack that shows students that have courses in progress that do not appear to meet degree requirements in any declared major or minor. You can access this query by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Student Information System homepage
  2. Select the Advising tile
  3. Select ‘Advising Queries’ from the navigation menu
  4. Select ‘Advising Queries’
  5. Select the ‘Non-Degree Enrolled Courses’ query

All of the courses generated fall under the ‘Non-Degree Coursework’ on a student’s Degree Audit; however, those designated as Prerequisite, Degree Intent Credit, and CODA Degree Credit (counts toward degree audit of CODA request) will count toward a student’s financial aid hours.