Graduate Plan of Work

The Graduate Plan of Work (GPOW) is an agreement between students, departments and the Graduate School for which classes each graduate student must take in order to complete their degree. The GPOW should be revisited at least once a semester to help students plan the best pathway to graduation. The Graduate School Handbook provides more detailed information about the Plan of Work.

Navigate to the Graduate Plan of Work

MyPack Portal > Student Information System homepage > Advising tile > Graduate Plan of Work

  1. Log in to MyPack Portal
  2. Select the Student Information System homepage
  3. Select the Advising tile 
  4. From the left-hand navigation bar, select Graduate Plan of Work
  5. Enter the search criteria

Using the Graduate Plan of Work

In the Plan of Work tab, advisors can see the following information:

  • Time limit for degree completion
  • Total units planned
  • GPA
  • Program/Plan
  • Plan of Work status
  • Type of Classes (Major/minor/other)
  • Which planned courses are graduate level
  • and Past, present and future planned courses

If the student is a Doctoral candidate, advisors can check the ‘Previous Master’s’ box to indicate whether the student should receive Master’s hours allowance. Doctoral candidates with the ‘Previous Master’s’ box checked will also have a row in the requirements section for ‘Transfer Credit;’ this indicated previous master’s allowance.

In the Committee tab, advisors can see their student’s committee members. The committee Chair(s) should match the student’s plan; the student may also have committee members from his/her minor(s) or other coursework.

Advisors can also add Comments to their students’ POW and view important documents.